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◂  April 2017

SSCLC Meeting - Telehealth and the VA

Published by: ellyadmin


Spring Meadows - Libertyville
901 Florsheim Drive
Libertyville, IL 60048

Bernice Arcibal, RN, Telehealth Coordinator/Nurse Manager

Terese Bush, LPN, Telehealth Lead/Master Preceptor



  1. Describe the 3 categories of Telehealth
  2. Describe Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT) and Store and Forward Telehealth (SFT), staffing and technology used
  3. Identify the different  telehealth clinics
  4. Describe a telehealth patient encounter
  5. Identify some challenges and actions taken
  6. Provide patient satisfaction results.

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To serve as a facilitator for the coordination and development of services designed to improve the quality of life of older adults residing in Lake County.